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Namaste…Vannakam, Hindu Blog updates about the latest developments in Hindu religion and explores Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). Stories you find here will sometimes tickle the thinker in you and at other times it will make you smile.

The core theme of the blog - An attempt to learn the true teachings of Sanatana Dharma.

The great ‘way of life,’ popularly known as Hinduism, has been usurped by pseudo-secularists, religious fundamentalists, pseudo-scholars, fake sansyasis, god men and mudslingers. I have been forced to listen while these people told me ‘about Hinduism.’

They never asked or cared for the common people who are forced to listen to the unnecessary propaganda. So this is just the voice of a netizen, who has profited spiritually and mentally from Sanatana Dharma.

This blog is for common people, not for scholars. The blog advocates practical Hinduism and reformation in Hindu society, especially the eradication of the evil caste system, fight against fundamentalism, identifying fake gurus, and numerous other horrific rituals that are practiced in the name of religion

Hinduism has always kept its door open to new ideas and has assimilated many of them. So you will find here information on matters that is of general interest.

This blog is also a platform to share your knowledge on Hindu matters and this will help to improve the information provided here. Therefore, feel free to comment and to send in information.

Hinduism believes in individual self realization and not borrowed self realization.

Hinduism the termite within:

Hinduism has some excellent philosophies tuned in towards a just society and thought provoking ideas about the good and evil deeds. Yet it has some issues based on caste and other evils that are imbeded in its ancient as well as modern descriptions that put this ancient religion to shame.

If an appropriate reform is not done in time, it will be the fault of the current Hindu scholars to send this religion into oblivion, due to a number of people opting to Christianity and muslim religions - like it or not. This trend has already taken place with the introduction of Jainism, Budhism, Sikhism, Sufism, Parsie's, Bahi's etc. Even though some of these religions have some of common tenets of Hinduism they tried to address some of the shortcomings of Hinduism.

This religion can only progress with an open mind, with a democratic thought and by embracing equality. Divison of labour in a common household should not create walls or barriers. Today we all depend upon one another. The society is structured in such a way that more and more people are applied to specialized tasks or functions. But today their mobility from one function to another is not restricted - and that is a wonderful thing. India's secularism and democratic institutions have demonstrated what India is capable of achieving. If we build our own barriers around us, we will be impeding our own progress. In a competitve world you excell by participating and learning new techniques - rather than only trying to preserving what you already know. Today knowingly or unknowingly Indian thought process has enriched the world by its yoga, music, math, science, language, ancient civilization discoveries, karma philosophies etc.

Let's enrich the world with more positive thoughts rather than self preserving in-fighting at lower levels of this mortal world.

Anonymous said...
Hey Everybody,

There are no termites within Hinduism, it is the people who have created these termites infact it is the people themselves who follow this great and ancient religion who are the termites hell bent upon destroying their own religion via false propoganda.

You speak of the evils within Hinduism and name the Caste System as one however you speak with ignorance and to understand what the caste system was and how it is associated with the Hinduism one must be well versed with the scriptures and with factual ancient Indian History and not the false history taught in the schools today.

Firstly, yes it is true that the "caste system" has been a part of ancient Hindu society and has formed the social structure of ancient India however it was really not the evil that we picture or interpret it out to be today or the evil that it has turned into today. With Time everything changes for the better or the worst in this case the caste system changed into something evil.

Now to begin with I would like to stress that why is this social divison which the Hindu society followed reffered to as the "caste" system, I ask you that have you ever thought whether the word "caste" was really the correct word to describe this social divison, after all, it could have easily been reffeered to as a "divison of labour". No got you thinking didnt it. This ancient hindu social structure was originally a "divison of labour" and nothing else however with the great efflux of time this "divison of labour " turned into the "caste system" and this happened when over time people started indentifying each other with the work they did, rather than what they were and when fathers wanted sons to take up their professions, professions became family oriented, and that is when this division of labour transformed into the caste system.

Now why I say that it existed originally as a divison of labour is becuase society during the vedic era was divided into & identified by sections, which were based on a sturcture which combined economics and Sociology, Brahmin(priests), Kashatriya(warrior), Vasiyas(businessmen) and Shudra(servant), now these at that time were sections/classes in socitey and not castes, they were professions and not castes and these professions were predominant in and upheld by society in that era and each man in society during that era was immersed in one of these professions and identified by it but when guilds/unions emerged and indentifcstion became profession oriented and professions became family oriented is when the "division of labour" turned into the caste system. Also at that time each profession was given equal importance since in the scripture this divison of labour is attributed to different parts of the body of god, signifying that each profession was as holy and valuable as the other and stressing that one could not function without the other. Which is why the caste system or the evil it has caused cannot be attributed to the Hindu religion becuase it originally was practiced as a "division of labour" and it was time/change and the people who transformed this system to the caste system. This truth must be told to all Hindus and taught in its entirety but the "Psuedo-Secular forces want to defame Hinduism and Indian Histroy and make Hindus feel badly about their traditions and ancient society when it was actually the greatest, which is why thay have been running this false propoganda in schools for ages and any attempts to change the course material is thwarted by them.

I would also likme to inform you that practices like sati which are termed as another evil of Hindusim is really not an evil becuase in ancient India if the scriptures are to be considered an authority, Sati was committed by the woman voluntarily and not by force, there was no witch hunting and forced burnings as their had been in the west, and the practice of sati was not a common or popular practice and incidents of "Sati were few and fleeting during ancient India and even during the Kreta, Treta, Dvapar Yugas as per the Ramayana and Mahabharata such incidents were very very few.

The practice of Sati became common and took the form of Johar during the Muslim Conquests of India where conquered lands were forced to give up their women and women of slain men and kings were forcibly taken, raped mutilated and tortured by rampaging muslim hordseven Hundered Years the Muslims pillaged our lands and raped our women, so by the time the britishers came this practice took which ad become so widely practiced in areas like rajadthan and haryana had with time morphed into another social evil atributed to Hinduism althoughn a product of Muslim opression contrary to what the anti-hindu and psuedo secular forces would have you believe.

R K Goswami said...
The comments posted by annonymous about the degeneration of hindu society into castes and forcible practice of sati due to harsh political and social environment are quite understandable. Continuing in the same direction I would like to mention that caste system was not practiced in ancient India. As the storys of Kewat, Shabri, Sugreev and Hanuman go- it becomes very clear that none of them was discriminated against by Lord Ram because of their low status in society.
The story of Shudrak is generally propagated as a case of caste based discrimination by Ram but we should remember that it was his doubtful motive for which he was punished and not the caste.
In present time, let us see who is interested in perpetuating the caste system? Priests are slowly opening up the temples for all. In public places in cities castes do not matter. In rural areas the situation is alarming and further accentuated by politics of votes resulting in polarisation of castes based groups behind their leaders. In urban areas awareness about castes is growing because of caste based reservations and is likely to push back the society to caste based division again.
In this difficult time it is the duty of all of us, the educated hindu samaj not to forget the divine message, endorsed by all saints and gurus:
i.e. All hindus are real(born to same parents) brothers, none of the hindus can be low(to any other).

The system was perfect. But during the past so many centuries the people who implemented the system became selfish and wanted to gain upper hand over the underprivileged claimed themselves to be of upper class and pushed the others down and called them shudras or the untouchables. Otherwise our vedas and shastras and puranas became the private property of the previleged few and others were not allowed to even see them or read them. In the process we lost many valuable works. Now with the awakening of the new era people started to realise the truth and found that our religion was far superior to others and our civilisation was much advanced than that of the west. There is nothing wrong with the system. It is the way of implementation and interpretation is to be blamed.

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