Saturday, 26 July 2008

Dhasavatharam - Movie of the Year 2008

Watched Dhasavatharam 3 Days ago, Hmmmm..
No words to describe how good is Kamal's act in this movie. There is a feel like watching an English Movie. BGM is very nice, 10 roles done by Kamal is simply perfect and the best role that I like is that ( Vellai Karan "Fletcher" ) remember the one who chase Scientist Kamal.. His character something like Terminator too.. 2nd is the old lady role, everyone can make-up but its not easy to act as like this. But Kamal really did well..Hats off u...

Recently I've visit one Tamil site not sure the URL, they got a Voting POLL..

Will Dhasavatharam will break Sivaji The Boss Record?
70% voters says YES
only 30% says NO
I voted YES too..

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